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Beacon Health Options

Beacon is the largest managed behavioral health care organization in the U.S., serving more than 50 million individuals across the country. We have wide-ranging experience working with state and county agencies to develop customized programs that meet the behavioral health and social determinant needs of their Medicaid beneficiaries. We currently operate Medicaid and other publicly funded programs in 26 states and the District of Columbia. Through these programs, Beacon serves approximately 14 million Medicaid members, including beneficiaries who reside in rural parts of Colorado, Northern California, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Southwest Washington. Given this experience, we understand the special access issues people residing in rural America face and we offer proven solutions to overcome these barriers such as: workforce development (including the promotion of non-traditional support staff), psychiatric consult lines, and technologies that bridge the care gap such as telehealth, telementoring, and digital extenders. Visit to learn more about Beacon.