Minnesota Interoperability Conference Advisory Group

Co-chair - Ron Whitehead, Co-chair

ECN - Jim Stromberg, Co-chair

Central - Tina Lindquist, Grant County Sheriff's Office

Central RIC - Rick Juth,

City of St. Cloud - Micah Myers, Information Technology Director

DHS/OEC - Jim Jarvis, Coordinator

DPS - John Dooley, Communications Officer

ECN - Cathy Anderson, ECN Training

ECN - Marcus Bruning, ECN

ECN - Melinda Miller, State Program Manager, FirstNet

ECN - Jackie Mines, Director

ECN - Carol Salmon,

ECN - Dana Wahlberg, 911 Program Administrator

Ex-officio - Alan Choutka,

Ex-officio - Jeff Jelinski, Morrison County

Ex-officio - Tom Justin, On Target Training

Ex-Officio - Nate Timm, Washington County

Ex-officio - Matt Maas, Dodge County

Ex-officio - Darlene Pankonie, Chair SECB NG911 Committee

Ex-officio - Tom Semmelroth, St. Louis County

Ex-officio - Rowan Watkins, Cook County

FirstNet - Judy Indrelie, Regional Program Manager

FirstNet - Dave Pike, Mower County Sheriff's Office

Metro - Chris Kummer, Emergency Communications Manager, Metropolitan Airports Commission

Metro - Jake Thompson, Radio System Coordinator, Anoka County

Metro - Troy Tretter, Radio Services Coordinator, MESB

MnDOT - Tim Lee, Assistant Director, MnDOT OEC

MnDOT - Mukhtar Thakur, Director MnDOT OEC

National Guard - Thomas Simota,

Northeast - Monte Fronk, Mille Lacs Band

Northeast - Steve Olson, Lake County

Northwest - Karl Erickson, Polk County

O and O Committee - Jill Bondhus, Rice/Steele Dispatch

South Central - Brett Miller, Waseca County Sheriff's Office

Southeast - Rick Eggert,

Southeast - Rick Freshwater, Olmsted County

Southeast - Rodney Peterson, SE RAC; Dodge County

Southeast - Marcia Ward, SE RAC; Winona County

Southern RIC - Randy Donahue, Southern Interop Coordinator

Southwest - Stacy Tufto, SW RAC/RRB; Chippewa County Sheriff

Tribal Government - Chad Steffen, PT Patrol Officer