Presenter Handouts


1Trainer Refresher Workshop (Six Hour Session)
2Recognizing Cumulative Stress Warning Signs for First Responders
3MCC7500 Console Elite Admin (Offsite Session, see below for details)


General Sessions

Welcome -- Recognition of the 10th Anniversary, Flag Ceremony & Pledge of Allegiance, Opening Remarks
Peer Awards and Statewide Emergency Communication Network Overview
Lunch and Regional Updates
Practical Leadership from the Battlefield
Lunch and Entertainment - ComedySportz
Thank you from the ECN Team
Informal Conversation, Gift Bag Distribution and Thank You from the Conference Planning Team

Breakout Sessions

AA1ECN and SECB 101
AA2IPAWS SOP, Template Development and Testing
AA3RF Site Radio Analyzer Discussion
AA4Next Generation First Responder
AA5PSAP Media Training
AA6Real Life, Day-to-Day Interoperability Challenges
AA7Vendor Session (Oracle and Talari Networks) Failsafe SD-WANs for E911 Call Centers
BB1Strategies for Engaging Elected and Senior Officials
BB2SECB Standards Review
BB3Encryption Best Practices
BB4Wireless Location Standards
BB5IPAWS for ICS & First Responders
BB6NPSBN Wireless Broadband Program Update
BB7Vendor Session (Solacom Technologies) Cybersecurity 101: What Every PSAP Needs to Know
CC1Strategic Plan Implementation at Regional and Local Level
CC2GIS Project Status and Future
CC3MTUG Meeting
CC4Statewide CAD-to-CAD Interoperability Project
CC5Including Interoperable Communications in All Exercises
CC6IPAWS Committee Meeting
CC7Vendor Session (Intrepid Networks) Response
DD1ARMER Radio Encryption
DD2Overcoming Location Challenges with Multiline Telephone Systems (MLTS)
DD3IV&D Study Results
DD4Evaluating Cell Service
DD5Neighboring State Interoperability
DD6ASL/Deaf & Hard of Hearing Awareness
DD7Vendor Session (RapidDeploy) CAD-to-CAD Interoperability and Shared CAD Systems
EE1Roundtable Examples of Strong Partnerships
EE2WBB Standards - What is Needed with FirstNet?
EE3800 Paging: What Works; What Are the Challenges?
EE4Essential Project Management Skills for PSAP Personnel
EE5Exercising PSAP COOPs
EE6IPAWS 2019: What is New Today?
EE7Vendor Session (Aviat Networks) Network Migration to IP and Effective Ways to Deploy Higher Capacities
FF1The State of Public Safety Communications in Minnesota: Where Did We Come From and Where Are We at Now?
FF2Leveraging Grants
FF3Radio Programming Updates (Double Session)
FF4Navigating the FirstNet Evaluation and Implementation Process
FF5GIS Training: How to Read Map Data
FF6BCA Usage Case Study
FF7Vendor Session (Venture Technologies, Inc.) Cyber Security - Protecting the Next Gen PSAP
GG1Shared Services Governance: Pros, Cons, Lessons Learned
GG2Evaluating Communications Unit (COMU) Resources & Developing a Plan for Their Use
GG3Radio Programming Updates (Double Session)
GG4PSAP of the Future, Roundtable Discussion
GG5School Safety Efforts, Pilot Results
GG6IPAWS SOP, Template Development and Testing
GG7Vendor Session (RapidSOS) Thousands of PSAPs are Receiving Lifesaving Device Location and Data from Smartphones; Is Yours?
HH1CASE STUDY: Merrimack Valley Residential Gas Explosions
II1CASE STUDY: Hurricane Florence, North Carolina

Post Conference